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Angelo Troilo: C-19, 2020

“In Italy I formed my visual dictionary, but everything that inspires me goes beyond national

borders. The space around us is vast, certainly born and growing in Italy as a whole has inevitably formed me.

My paintings are graffiti if we try to understand the term graffiti more broadly. My graffiti as well as from Basquiat and Banksy '' influenced me from a sentimental point of view '' must be seen more similar to the Egyptian-pre-Columbian graffiti. A graffiti that informs you about the personage represented. My graffiti that I call “pictograms” are reinterpretations of language and guide thought in a much more symbolic than narrative way.”

– Angelo Troilo 丨 @angelotroilo_at

We are excited to present this work C-19, 2020 by Angelo Troilo.

For further information, please visit: https://v.gd/GBJlSk

This artwork combines with scientific and space, creative inventions have completely changed the way we travel and observe the world. The artist reexamines and profoundly transforms an art genre with its own characteristics through his own language (colours). After a period of intense fermentation, the artist rethought the views, format, and keyword(s) of painting, and laid a new foundation for painting through his own language (colours). In the form of a journey through time and space, it involves important moments in this transformation and highlights its main themes: choosing painting from life, and studying how to render the atmosphere and the influence of astronauts and colours.


Courtest to the artist – Angelo Troilo; C-19, 2020; oil on canvas; 14 3/16 x 11 13/16 in. (36 x 30 cm.)

Inspired by @gagoian










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