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Be/Longing is the first exhibition of the gallery since the global onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. The exhibition will feature latex sculptures, photography, and works on paper by Heidi Bucher, Catherine Opie, Angel Otero, and Suh Se Ok. In view of the recent self-isolation measures taken globally, this exhibition explores each artist's innumerable ways of dealing with alienation due to sex and sexual orientation discrimination, desire for family and family, and distance from the community. The word game on the title evokes a sense of belonging to loneliness and a general desire for companions and connections.

Each artist expressed as be/long participates in the theme of connection, belonging and isolation in his own way. Opie created a portrait of the rich in the LBGTQ+ community to make the often representative group invisible, while Otero created an abstract representation of family and friends through a labor-intensive process that uses silicone and graphite powder to explore the amorphous nature of memory Nature and how it transforms time. Suh decomposed the portrait into bare elements and created a series of ink paintings on paper depicting isolated or linked portraits representing the relationship between the individual and the community. In Bucher’s work, the portrait was completely omitted-the artist used latex to capture branding of living spaces and objects, these spaces and objects retain the remnants of occupants.







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