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Eddie Botha: Foreign Native People, 2019


Many poor families are struggling in Hong Kong, especially because not everyone is eligible for the government's HKD 10,000 assistance.

The destruction caused by Covid-19 has made the lives of mainlanders living in Hong Kong more challenging because they have received little support. They must work hard to get through this difficult time.

According to data from 2019, more than half of the new arrivals said that they have difficulty adapting to life in Hong Kong, mainly because of their living environment, work and language. Their median monthly household income is HK$12,700.

The community organizer of the Society for Community Organization (SOCO), and others believe that the group needs support, and pointed out that many low-income new immigrant families are struggling in the pandemic, losing their jobs, reducing working hours and losing income, just like Hong Kong people.

However, some people say that newcomers should not make a long-term contribution to the Hong Kong economy and therefore should not be helped. They also face increasing discrimination during the pandemic.

Australia based artist Eddie Botha @eddiebotha express his concern through this work – Foreign Native People, urge them to be treated equally, communities from other societies provide assistance to some low-income families, especially in the current situation, to create a society of communion and mutual help.

Source: https://www.scmp.com/news/hong-kong/society/article/3103034/helpless-hong-kong-low-income-new-arrivals-mainland-china

Image Credit: @scmpnews


Courtesy of the artist – Eddie Botha; Foreign Native People, 2019; Indian Ink on mixed media Paper; 29 15/16 x 22 1/16 in. (76 x 56 cm.)





















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