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Heydaze, 2019 by Ruairiadh O’Connell

Courtesy by the artist – Ruairiadh O’Connell; Heydaze, 2019; Resin, Jesmonite; 24 1/8 × 17 3/8 in. (61.3 × 44.1 cm.) and the art gallery.




Brings the colouring together in many of the central themes through the unique medium as well as offers a vibrant medley of the unique visual vocabulary, at the same time, presenting the signature outline of contemporary colouring form as a saturated palette,

Radically infiltrate the colourful moment transform into another language by the colouring medium imbued the artwork with a sense of the alternative mysterious beauty through the culture of which it was a colouring part,

In the traditional language of colouring by melding rapidly applied oil and acrylic onto the painting or paper that contends with some of the most important and enduring subjects and concerns of the colouring practice,

The scene of the sky is an orange flame, and then its colour shines from the green mountains, at the same time, from the original colours through a vibrant and cruel colour is illuminated then it becomes an artwork through the simplicity of colouring.


Artwork Details:


Artist: Ruairiadh O’Connell

Title: Heydaze, 2019

Medium: Resin, Jesmonite

Size: 24 1/8 × 17 3/8 in. (61.3 × 44.1 cm.)


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