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Kwong San TANG, Man Chun KWONG, and Apple Hiu Fung WONG - Long to Belong

“Long to Belong” is a group exhibition showcasing a drawing and painting by three young artists – Kwong San TANG, Man Chun KWONG, and Apple Hiu Fung WONG. Whilst it offers district individual perspectives on the concept of being ‘belong’, examining the essence of their personal experience, in orbit around their view on family, heritage and social existence.

During the masterful tour, I understand more about the deep meaning of each art-piece in the entire exhibition, also able to have an in-depth discussion. I personally still think that a shy and not talkative girl who always standing alone in the corner that truly makes her stand out in the crowded. Thank you so much for including me.

The joint exhibition opens on 21st November 2019 (Thursday) from 6pm and 8pm.






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