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Lucia Bru: Twenty-first Floor

Twenty-first Floor is the first solo exhibition by Belgian artist Lucia Bru, which showcases a series of new sculptural works and video installations were displayed, creating a dialogue between the object and the surrounding space. Some of the works are inspired by the natural scenery and urban landscape of the artist when she visited Hong Kong in 2019.

The concept of cohabitation has always been the core content of Lucia Bru's works. She maintained this vitality while trying to change the form of association to determine its presence. Individual, pairs, trio, group, heap, and mass are the many ways to compose the universe, record existence, and confirm existence.

There is no paradox in using so-called "inert" materials and the artist's inspirational movement; she knows that her sculptures have a vibrant feeling, which awakens our intuition, that is, "life in stone", which is a kind of anthropomorphism. Different vivid feelings.

The act of occupying space will cause interference, her sculpture will maintain contact with the surrounding environment, and the presence of external visibility or invisibility. She did this by relocating them and following a logic of attribution, so that the relationship between the work’s deterministic autonomy and the appearance environment can be seen. Each new exhibition opens up a new level of coexistence for the collection and attracts us into a new track.






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