Meleko Mokgosi: Democratic Intuition

Democratic Intuition is the first solo exhibition in the United Kingdom and Europe by the Los Angeles artist Meleko Mokgosi, which applies the principles of film montage to the conventions of historical painting, and co-edits political and social propaganda images, religious images and the meanings from southern Africa and the United States that are both familiar and unfamiliar. The artist re-understood art history, where post-colonial nations and democracy intersect within an interdisciplinary criticism framework, drawing attention to the many ways that black subjects have become non-attribute objects of empires and institutions.

The exhibition is an eight-part epic that includes a multi-panel description of South African life and folklore; its title is Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak a nod to the theory, which believes that the functioning of democracy depends on accessible education. The artist intervenes in this concept and its internal contradictions through fascinating genre scenes usually involving prominent figures in public life that cut between manual labor, intellectual enterprise freedom and its connection with gender and race. Many exquisite figures appeared in the background of the original canvas, depicting the power asymmetry that emphasizes the traditional division of labor.




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