Mika Rottenberg: SNEEZE

SNEEZE is a solo exhibition by the Argentine-Israeli video artist Mika Rottenberg, which contains immersive video installations about surreal alternative worlds in daily life around the world. The artist is fascinated by the labor and technological process in our modern world and the influence of distance and value through the fascinating but rigorous artistic practice combining films, architectural installations and sculptures. Her work highlights some absurdities in our global world.

The exhibition showcases four works of the artist (Sneeze,NoNoseKnows,Cosmic Generator, and Spaghetti Blockchain). The focus of practice is on material surfaces and transformations. These things are stimulating and disturbing at the same time, bizarre and plain, beautiful and deadly, productive and exploitative. Specifically, the artist seeks locations and locations globally to focus on specific production systems, such as the pearl factory on the mainland or the border town of Calexico, but she does so in a surreal way of. The artist referred to the traditions of film and sculpture, recorded various aspects of reality, and invented shots from the scenes set up by the studio to create exquisite and subversive visual narratives. By combining fact and fiction, she emphasizes the inner beauty and absurdity of our contemporary life, revealing the complexity of connection, disconnection and communication.






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