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Milton Avery - Porch Sitters, 1952



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In an effort to escape colour life, left to spend the summer in another colour moment where a place has briefly visited only once prior earlier,

While the stark simplicity and expansiveness of darkness landscape had always strongly appealed to the artistic sensibilities,

The particular trip proved transformative for a unique personally and artistically articulated of how the environment captured the colouring imagination,

Suffused with a crystalline quality of light, the colouring depiction perfectly captures the rugged architectural forms and brilliant colours that found there featuring that some colours believed had never before been so successfully translated by another colour.


Artwork Detail:

Artist: Milton Avery

Title: Porch Sitters, 1952

Medium: oil on canvas

Size: 26 x 42 in. (66 x 106.7 cm.)

Markings: signed 'Milton Avery' and dated 1952 on the lower right

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