The Everlasting Faith Mission of Sister Gertrude Morgan

The Everlasting Faith Mission of Sister Gertrude Morgan is a series of painting by Sister Gertrude Morgan, Photographed by Lee Friedlander, lionised by Andy Warhol, and remixed by King Britt, that is the rare figure of Sister Gertrude Morgan (née Gertrude Williams) in the history of American aesthetics in the 20th century: a confident female painter whose visceral image shaping and soul saving go hand-in-hand.

Indeed, the moments of her life soon became the content of her paintings. She is a recognized bride of Christ, conveying her message to any surface she can find. This ambitious repertoire is reminiscent of a semi-autobiographical hybrid of God, where New Yarusland is inextricably similar to New Orleans, and the sisters portray her with Jesus, God, or both The marriage is surrounded by celestial bodies or swirling oval text.




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