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Two Generations

Two Generations is the first major exhibition in Hong Kong dedicated to works by contemporary Indigenous Australian artists, including Emily Kame Kngwarreye, Makinti Napanangka, Yukultji Napangati, and George TjungurrayiI etc., which is the indigenous people of Australia are the longest surviving civilization in human history, with a history of more than 60,000 years. Although the affinity between remote Australian aboriginal art and other modern art forms can be felt, the individual practice developed in relative isolation is derived from the oldest continuous art tradition in the world.

The exhibition aims to introduce the rare works of some of Australia's most famous indigenous artists from remote areas of Africa to local audiences for the first time. In order to protect cultural customs from destructive influences, the artists concealed their sacred portraits and knowledge with dynamic abstract patterns, which only fellow initiates can understand. Their strong concentration and rhythmic markings produced eye-catching and complex optical works-stippled constellations, free-flowing linear forms, concentric bulges, topological geometric fields and hypnotic ripples-representing dreams and worldviews for indigenous Australians In order to achieve an orderly conscious reality, this is a framework for understanding and explaining the world and the position of human beings in the world. This invaluable knowledge of human life includes survival strategies, ancestral history, and narratives of the earth and the universe.











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