Yuya Hashizume: eyewater: MUSIC

eyewater: MUSIC is a project directed by Hong Kong celebrity and young art collector Joey Thye collaborated with Japanese artist Yuya Hashizume, which using the image of a real person as the blueprint for his artistic creation, he portrayed Joey Thye as a cartoon character on his works. This is also the artist first attempt to create his work in three dimensions. It is to create a human-sized sculpture for this exhibition. The exhibition displays 13- piece of 2D works and 1 sculpture, of which 6 are from the artist's most iconic series "eyewater", and 4 new works are painted on the theme of "music", which is one of his artistic themes in the first time. Unlike the close-up side view shown in the "eyewater" series, the artist uses a little-known method-"Vision Shooting" to illustrate the little girl in this exhibition series. The little girl floating in the air holds headphones or a guitar to reflect the theme of the music, and also aims to express a sense of comfort and relaxation to the audience.








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